Are There LGBTQ+ Characters In: Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Title: Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)
Author: Nicholas Eames
Rating: 5/5

Are there LGBTQ+ characters? Yes, one gay character. There is only one point of view character in the book, and the gay character is a close ally of his.

Brief summary / book review: The premise of this book can essentially be summed up as “This is Spinal Tap” meets Dungeons & Dragons; mercenary groups are known as bands in this universe, and they are essentially treated like rock gods. The main character was a member of a band called Saga, one of the greatest bands of all time, having long since disbanded, with each of the members having gone their own way.

The main character is Clay Cooper (also known as Slowhand), and he’s living a mostly comfortable retired life, when the frontman of Saga, Gabriel, says that his daughter (a mercenary in her own band now) is caught in a siege, and he needs to rescue her, and in order to do that, he’s getting the band back together.

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