Are There LGBT Characters In: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Title: Pachinko

Author: Min Jin Lee

Rating: 5/5

Are there LGBT characters? Yes, but it is not a main character. While the gay man is a minor character, he is present in a few pivotal scenes.

Brief summary / book review: A beautiful tapestry of a book. It follows several generations of Koreans living in Japan, where they face obstacles, trials, and tribulations. Koreans living in Japan are second-class citizens, forced into ghettos and faced with limited career options. The title is a reference to Pachinko parlors, a sort of gambling locale where Koreans were allowed to find work and opportunity. It’s a story about family and faith and perseverance, and each character is vividly painted and sympathetic. A gem of a read.

About the series: Being a gay reader, I am interested in LGBT books, but I haven’t always seen reviews clearly note if there are LGBT characters and how significant they are. These mini reviews are my way of addressing this problem.

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